TUALCOM offers its well-known telemetry and data acquisition product line as stackable configuration. In Stackable Suite each product is configured as identical and compact form factor which can either be stacked or installed individually to platform. Stackable Suite provides flexibility and scalability to meet changing data acquisition requirements.

Following data acquisition modules are available in TUALCOM Stackable Suite:
- ICP (16x ICP)
- Differential (16x Differential ADC, 8 of them has digital gain and excitation voltage)
- Temperature (16x PT100/TC)
- Customised Solutions
- Digital (18x RS 485, 2x Ethernet, 10x TTL, 2x RS 232)
Digital module can also be provided with 32 GB data recorder optionally. Each module also features UART output to monitor the collected data online. Each unit can provide IRIG 106 compatible (Chapter 4 and Chapter 7) data format. Also, each unit can be used standalone, i.e. can be connected Transmitter without Master module, if only one module will be used.

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