S Band TDM Data Link is a compact data link based on TDMA communication algorithm, enabling the use of both point-point and point-multipoint communication.

The system can be used for applications where communication network is established.

Compact size and low power consumption allows terminals to be used in many platforms including mini, midi and tactical UAVs.

The system incorporates SDR modem in which advanced modulation techniques are used for improved performance and spectrum utilization. AES-256 encryption and spread spectrum techniques like FHSS or DSSS are also offered as an option. The system has relay capability for establishing mesh networks with self healing and self forming features. Data rate can be adjusted up to 10 Mbps manually or automatically depending on the nature of the application.

TDM data links can form ad-hoc networks. Each participant can automatically join, rejoin or leave network. Time slot reallocation can be made in order to provide high bandwidth for a specific participant. 

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