FDMLS 2W Data Link is a compact, high data rate digital datalink for UAV Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions. It is a module solution which can handle replaceable uplink and downlink data together. For downlink, video and telemetry data can be multiplexed inside the airborne module and demultiplexed by the ground module to be displayed on the user interface of the operator.

FDMLS 2W Data Link can be operated full duplex in L Band and S Band up to 10 Mbps data rate. Higher data rates can also be offered as an option for specific applications. Modulation type can be selected in between CPFSK, MSK and PSK.

Compact size and low power consumption allow airborne terminals to be used in mini, midi and tactical UAVs. Having approximately the same dimensions, ground module can also be used in mobile terminals.

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