> Best Performance with Smallest Dimensions

TUALCOM's GNSS Anti-Jam CRPA product family TUALAJ, which is proven to be unbeatable and reliable, has the most diverse solutions in the world against GPS GNSS jamming, spoofing and interference.

> CRPA Antenna Technology

With 4 and 8 antenna array options, our Anti-Jam products provide a true jamming protection for applications in GPS, Galileo, BeiDou and GLONASS satellite systems.

> For Military and Civilian Applications
Thanks to our leadership in product diversity and customizable antenna options, TUALAJ Anti-Jam products are used in hundreds of platforms in land, air, and naval applications.

> World's Smallest Anti Jam GNSS Systems

For platforms with space limitations, TUALCOM provides the smallest, lightest, and fully performing solutions in the TUALAJ Anti-Jam product family.

> Embedded GPS Receiver Option

All TUALAJ family has high performance embedded GPS GNSS receiver options with PPS Ethernet and RS485 serial interfaces.

> GPS Anti Spoofing

With its high performance digital beamforming algorithms, TUALAJ Anti Jam family can also perform protection against any kind of GPS spoofing.
8 Antenna Solutions: TUALAJ 8300, TUALAJ 8100
4 Antenna Solutions: TUALAJ 4300, TUALAJ 4200, TUALAJ 4100

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