Flight Termination Transmitter, generates flight termination signal in response to commands from the control console or software running on PC. Using this software, the system can be programmed to generate FM flight termination commands according to the assigned IRIG Tones at programmed center frequency. Operating frequency of the system can be set between 390 MHz and 450 MHz.

Compact and portable system can be integrated with HPAs for mobile and fixed ground stations. Also the system has rugged structure to meet harsh environments as well as air and  naval platforms.  

PC connection is established through RS 232 interface and software automatically connects to the selected serial port of PC. Related Tone A, B, C, D, SAFE, ARM, TERM settings can be done and operating mode can easily be tracked from user friendly GUI running on PC. The system also has Embedded Signal Level Measurement Module option so that users can get feedback from transmitted signal.

TUALFTT is designed to meet RCC 319 Standards. The design of the FTT employs the latest technology and production processes to provide a reliable product with extremely long operating life.

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