Flight Termination System is a fully redundant range safety and test system. Main function of the FTS is to send commands to the flight termination receivers on board when necessary.

System is composed of redundant command consoles, signal generators, power amplifiers, antenna switching unit and antennas. The users can select in between redundant channels on the fly.
System Includes;
- 2 Control Panels
- 2 Power Supply Units
- 1 Control Unit
- 1 Antenna Switching Unit (8 antennas)
- Associated Cabling
Along with command consoles, optionally system can also be operated from PC through RS 232 interface. Software automatically connects to the selected serial port of PC. Related Tone A, B, C, D, SAFE, ARM, TERM settings can be done and operating mode can easily be tracked from GUI running on PC. Signal generator generates a tone-modulated RF signal in response to commands from the control console. Generated signal is amplified with RF HPA.

Antenna switching unit consists of two latching type SPDT and SP4T switches. The system functions as DP8T Switch Box and selected channel output can be switched to the one of 8 antennas.

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